Sharon Richardson

Artist's Bio

"I don’t paint objects. Instead, I paint the effect of light on them in a representational manner. I try to translate the way I see and feel light in the landscape, rather than transcribe the scene."

Sharon  was born in Woodville, MS and grew up in Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia.  After graduating from the University of Georgia in Athens she relocated to Mississippi.  She currently resides in Natchez, MS.

"Painting, especially outdoors, is the most exhilarating and humbling experience there is.  For me, it's all about the light, trying to capture the quality of it as it flickers across the landscape or still life.  It's breathtakingly beautiful and elusive.  The pursuit is addictive. 



Since the 1970s, my oil and pastel work has focused on the Natchez Trace, the warren of unpaved roads paralleling and crisscrossing it, the myriad creeks and streams as well as fields with hay bales and cattle. Along with the Trace, I’ve painted the Natchez area since the 1990s, including historic homes, gardens, and rugged countryside. My latest series lies across the Mississippi River Bridge – the mysterious Louisiana delta at sunrise, misty, alluring, and charming.

SR951 Scotland Mist 30 x 48 oil on canvas.jpg (1)
SR951 Scotland Mist 30 x 48 oil on canvas.jpg (1)