Greg Gustafson

Artist's Bio

Greg Gustafson received his BFA from Memphis College of Art in 1993 and has

been showing in galleries in and around the Memphis area since 1995. His work

reflects his observations of the Northern Mississippi landscapes where sparseness

and flatness are transformed into dynamic compositions on his canvases.

His latest series at Brown's focuses on the skyscapes above the Mississippi

horizon. Gustafson contrast muted color with areas of intense brightness along

with wide brush strokes to render the clouds, and he situates them over

sweeping expanses of land and water with dramatically low horizons. These new

works are examples of an advancement in his style where he chose to tackle the

reflections of light through the clouds and how their movement changes the

landscape below.


Artist Statement:

"I am an observer and admirer of art. The language of my art is purely visual

and each painting has its own story. The body of work has furthered my

exploration of the dramatic and subtle qualities of color and light. Painting from

nature is exciting because the subject is always in motion and it challenges me to

create that feeling in the paintings. My work is more an expression of mood

rather than a specific illustration for the landscape."

GG195 Sunrise at the Point 16 x 22 Oil on Paper
GG195 Sunrise at the Point 16 x 22 Oil on Paper