David Race

Artist's Bio

Originally from Seattle, David has called Mississippi home for a number of years.  He thinks what drew him to the South was the long sultriness of the summers, cordiality of it inhabitants and the stately architecture of a past era.  David says, " I think my first love of art was in the third grade; drawing while I was supposed to be listening.  Scenes of battles, people and structures would fill my notebook paper while sounds of white noise came from the front of the room."

Many years later, after a period in the Navy, various works at boat yards, and pursuing that elusive degree, David came to Oxford, MS and enrolled in the University of Mississippi.  While there, his interests in drawing and paintingflourished, eventually earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts.

While at Ole Miss, David developed his painting style of multiple layers and tones of paint.  He enjoys trying to capture the ephemeral effects of light with sketchy frenetic strokes of his brush.  Spaces that show signs of life, living spaces and some landscapes interest him.  Enhancing his technique and exploring new compositional possibilities fill his day.  David says, "Color still torments me, but I endeavor to master and press on." 

DR071 Moo 24 x 20 oil on canvas.jpg
DR071 Moo 24 x 20 oil on canvas.jpg