Bill Jackson

Artist's Bio

     The natural beauty and mystery of the Mississippi Delta swamps in an intimate
perspective—that’s what artist Bill Jackson offers his audience. Usually Delta lands are
known for their flat, uninspiring views, but Bill gives his art a unique vision by drawing
his inspiration from the mystery of natural form and an antithesis of dark and light.
Jackson wants his admirers to appreciate his vision in the unmistakable beauty of the
Delta wetlands.
     This outdoor landscape artist is not driven to paint human portraits. Instead, Bill is
fascinated by Nature’s face and the hypnotic elixir of the swamp’s pungent smells. The
all-important reference work he does in the bayous allows him to roam the still waters in
his kayak, capturing shots with unmeasured freedom. At times, Jackson arms himself
with paints and canvas instead of a camera lens. To coax the elusive swamp to reveal
its most intimate moments is a great test of his merit, but Bill does not disappoint his
audience. The sun’s reflections on the plant-stained water are translated with fluency,
as this artist recreates diffused light with magical perfection.
    Bill wages a tireless journey to capture the “wow” effect on his canvas. Recreating the
elusive essence of these quiet waterways is his primary artistic goal. His test for a
painting’s merit is simply stated: “Have I captured my audience’s attention? Are they
drawn to want more? Have I told a story well enough?”
Currently Jackson remains near his Mississippi Delta roots, where he continues to paint
his primary subject—the swamps. Since each one has its own personality, the
abundance of Mississippi’s wetlands offers many opportunities for Bill to expand his
painting interests state-wide, perhaps venturing later to swamps in other parts of the
United States.
    Bill strives to imbue his Delta swamp paintings with a personal identity. He has chosen
both acrylic and oil as his mediums, employing a remarkably classical, but realistic
touch with his re-creations of natural, timeless scenes. Reworking a painting until its
story comes alive speaks to the evolution of Bill Jackson as an artist: “I started drawing
as a kid because it represented a big challenge. I felt compelled to prove my ability both
to myself and to others.” As a seasoned artist, Bill still demands creative growth from
himself by learning new techniques to enhance his art. Bill Jackson, a perfectionist at
his craft…leaving an unquestioned legacy in his breathtaking impressions of the Delta

BJ058 Cypress Portrait II 36 x 36 oil on canvas.jpg
BJ058 Cypress Portrait II 36 x 36 oil on canvas.jpg
BJ064 Between Summer and Fall 24 x 48 oil on canvas.jpg
BJ064 Between Summer and Fall 24 x 48 oil on canvas.jpg